Current Collection

All items in the current collection are made to order, which means I start production of an item when you, the lovely customer, purchases it. While this means it takes a little longer for your item to get to you, it helps me make the best use of resources, which means far less waste. What does production look like? It begins with laying out and cutting the pattern pieces, then onto finishing the edges of the raw fabric, stitching everything together, and pressing/steaming to polish it off. It sounds simple, but each item takes between 4-8 hours to produce, across multiple days. My usual production time is one-to-two weeks prior to shipping, but if you need something faster, please feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to accommodate your needs.

The other benefit to this is I can make small adjustments to orders by request, so if you need something a little longer, or you're in between sizes, I can work with you on it. 

Ready to Ship

When a new collection launches, I put whatever items are leftover from the past collection (from markets, etc.) on sale. The benefit? Items are sent to you straight away! The downside? Items are limited! There won't be items leftover in all colours and sizes, so it's always a risk to wait for the sales if you have your eye on something in particular.